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  • Hilary Griffey


    Currently CEO of Due Direction, a corporate direction and executive advisory firm providing corporate governance and strategy advices to SMEs in the private sector
    Professional lawyer, graduated from the UCD Business School of MBA
    Served as head of the Irish stock exchange fund investment
    Former head of the Department of legal compliance at the Irish central bank
    Former partner in Maples fund investment (Maples is the largest law firm in the Cayman Islands)
    Currently three executive directors of enterprises
    Employed in the Central Bank of Ireland for 2010-2014 years as an independent third party in banking regulation and financial supervision

  • David McGeough


    Currently a non-executive director of a number of investment funds and hedge funds
    Served as a consultant for Finance Department of Irish government
    Provided asset management services and also work as a hedge fund manager for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, pioneer asset index fund, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Bank of Paris and other world-class enterprises
    Worked for Goldman Sachs Asset, the Bank of New York, Investment Trust Bank and Street Bank as various roles, including global custodian, broker and fund manager.